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Policies, Handbooks, Terms and Conditions & Operating Guidelines

The AGLC develops and enforces the policies and procedures that govern liquor activities in Alberta – its compliance activities help maintain the vital integrity and security of liquor activities in our province.

NOTE: The publications listed below do not replace the Gaming and Liquor Act or the Gaming and Liquor Regulation.

For more information, take a look at:

Penalties and Decisions

To order printed publications, please contact the AGLC Regulatory Division. Original printed copies are available at:

CAD $50 for non-industry affiliates

CAD $25 for industry affiliates

Copies of the Gaming and Liquor Act and the Gaming and Liquor Regulation are available from the Alberta Queen's Printer.


AGLC Internet Account
An AGLC Internet Account is a service provided to eligible liquor agencies and licensed liquor retailers. The Internet account provides you secure access to the AGLC's web application services. Click for more details.

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