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AGLC Internet Accounts

An AGLC Internet Account is a privilege granted to eligible organizations. It provides online access to the AGLC's secure web-based service. AGLC Internet Accounts are available to:

  • Registered Charitable Gaming Organizations; and
  • Liquor Licensees and Agents.

With an account, you will be able to select from those services that your particular organization is eligible to access:

see services  Services for Charitable Organizations
see services  Services for Liquor Licensees and Agents

As well, some forms which formerly had to be mailed to the AGLC can now be accessed online via this service.

How to obtain an AGLC Internet Account:

Obtain an Account  Obtain an Account (Charitable Organizations)
Obtain an Account  Obtain an Account (Liquor Licensees & Agents)
The Internet Account Request Form (LIQUOR)(FORM REG/LIC 5252)PDF must be downloaded, completed, and emailed, mailed or faxed to the AGLC. Required information includes:
  • Liquor Licence Number
  • AGLC User ID (also referred to as the Stakeholder ID)
  • Licensee
  • Premises Address
  • Email Address
  • Contact Name and Telephone
  • Signature of Owner/Manager

Email, fax, or mail the completed form to AGLC at:

Email:; or

Fax: 780-447-8911; or

Mail: Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
        Regulatory Division
        50 Corriveau Avenue
        St. Albert, AB T8N 3T5

Account holders are provided a Login ID and Password. Once you have received your Login ID and Password, clicking the 'Login' link in the top menu bar of this website will bring you to the Login page on the AGLC's secured website.

see services  Currently supported browsers
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