A licensee, registrant or applicant may apply to the board for a hearing if:

  • a licensee has allegedly contravened the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act, the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Regulation or AGLC policies resulting in an administrative sanction (i.e. warning, fine, suspension, cancellation);
  • a condition was imposed on a gaming, liquor or cannabis licence or registration;
  • the applicant was refused a gaming, liquor or cannabis licence or registration; or
  • a person’s liquor, cannabis, containers, gaming terminals or gaming supplies have been seized.

Before the hearing:

To begin the hearing process, you must submit the Application for Hearing form or a detailed letter/email describing the issue and the reasons for the request to the Hearing Panel Office within 30 days of receiving a decision from AGLC. The board must then hold a hearing within 120 days of receiving an application.

During the hearing:

A hearing panel must consider all the relevant evidence provided by both participants and the hearing must be conducted in private, unless the hearing panel directs otherwise.

  1. AGLC staff will introduce evidence, including witnesses and documents.
  2. The applicant may ask questions of any witnesses called.
  3. The applicant will introduce evidence.
  4. AGLC staff may ask questions of any witnesses called.
  5. When all the evidence is presented, each party can tell the hearing panel what decision they think the panel should make and the reasons why.
  6. The hearing is concluded.

After the hearing:

The hearing panel will consider the information presented by both participants and make a decision on the matter. The panel may confirm the original decision, replace the decision, cancel the original decision or confirm or reject the seizure of goods. All decisions will be provided in writing to both hearing participants approximately three to four weeks after the hearing.

Hearing Panel decisions are also posted to the AGLC website.

Additional Information:



Definitions & FAQs


Who is my point of contact for hearing-related matters?

The Hearing Panel Office is responsible for all administrative matters related to hearings, liaising with the hearing participants and supporting the hearing panel.

Contact the Hearing Panel Office at hearings@aglc.ca, 780-447-8605 or by fax at



What is a hearing panel?

The hearing panel is an impartial panel of the AGLC Board. A hearing panel is an administrative tribunal, not a court of law.

A hearing panel may perform all the powers and duties of the board under the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act.


Who makes up the hearing panel?

Upon application by a licensee, registrant or applicant, a hearing panel is formed. AGLC’s Board Chair then appoints two or more board members to a hearing panel to conduct hearings. If the board chair is not a member of the panel, one of the members of the panel will preside. AGLC's President & CEO cannot be part of a hearing panel as per the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act.


Do I need a representative for the hearing?

You have the option of representing yourself or finding someone to represent you at a hearing. Your representative may include legal counsel or another spokesperson. The onus to find a representative is on the hearing participant; representatives are not provided by the hearing panel.

If you wish to use a representative for your hearing, you must notify the Hearing Panel Office and officially authorize your representative to speak on your behalf. If a representative no longer acts for a participant, the participant or the representative must promptly send a written notice to the Hearing Panel Office.


When do I have to submit my application for a hearing?

Within 30 days of receiving a notice about the matter, an application for a hearing must be received by the Hearing Panel Office in writing; however, a licensee, registrant or applicant must submit may request an extension to the application period by emailing the Hearing Panel Office.


Can a hearing date be rescheduled?

Yes, to reschedule a hearing date, a written request to reschedule a hearing must be sent to the Hearing Panel Office. 


What is a hearing participant?

A hearing participant is the person applying for a hearing and/or the AGLC staff member responsible for the decision at issue in the hearing.