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Alain Maisonneuve


Alain Maisonneuve
President & Chief Executive Officer

Education: B. Comm., ICD.D

Serving Albertans has been Alain Maisonneuve's inspiration throughout his 30 plus years at AGLC. Following his start in the Finance Department at the Alberta Liquor Control Board in 1987, Alain moved to different roles across AGLC after its formation in 1996. With leadership roles in finance, licensing, liquor, regulatory and corporate strategic services, Alain’s responsibilities, adaptability and savvy grew with each new change and challenge AGLC took on. Alain's comprehensive experience from across the organization and with stakeholders has cultivated the knowledge and expertise required to truly be versatile and balance the current state of the liquor, gaming and cannabis industries with the needs of Albertans. Alain strives to bring a simplicity to AGLC's processes and regulations while continuously encouraging flexible customer service and economic growth in Alberta.