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Raffle Policy Amendments

Raffle Bulletin

May 25, 2020

This bulletin is to advise charitable groups, registrants and stakeholders of IMPORTANT AMENDMENTS to raffle policy.

The following raffle policy changes are effective May 25, 2020:

A comprehensive review of raffle policy was conducted in order to update and modernize the Raffle Terms & Conditions for paper raffles. Policy was amended to accomplish the following objectives:

  • support charitable organizations:
    • ensure the policy framework accurately reflects the roles and responsibilities of raffle ticket managers (RTMs);
    • define commonly-used terms, amend wording for improved clarity, and reorganize policies into logical sections; and
    • remove policy redundancies that can be accessed in other resources such as the Charitable Gaming Policies Handbook (CGPH) or the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Regulation (GLCR).
  • reduce red tape:
    • allow delegates to represent executive members at raffle draws;
    • provide the option to award percentage draw prizes up to 30 days after the draw;
    • eliminate most requirements to submit prize value confirmation to AGLC; and
    • allow charitable organizations to provide food and refreshments to volunteers during activities related to the raffle event.
  • maintain the integrity of raffles:
    • clarify policy wording to address common inspection issues and encourage policy compliance;
    • align Raffle Terms & Conditions with policies in the Electronic Raffle Handbook; and
    • ensure minimum standards are adequately provided for to mitigate risk and maintain the integrity and reputation of raffles.
  • modernize raffle policy:
    • remove or update outdated policies;
    • align policies with raffle activities currently being licensed in Alberta; and
    • ensure policies are consistent with AGLC’s corporate brand and policy standards by creating a new handbook format.

See the policy amendment summary for details on key policy amendments.

The amended Raffle Terms & Conditions may be accessed on In addition, other raffle-related documents affected by these changes have been amended and updated on (e.g., Electronic Raffle Handbook, Sports Drafts Terms & Conditions).

Questions may be referred to the Regulatory Services Division at or 1-855-506-1066 extension 5.


Download the printable version.