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COVID-19 information for Albertans

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COVID-19 Cannabis Q & A

While not exhaustive, AGLC has prepared Questions & Answers below to answer many of the questions that you or your organization may have related to COVID-19. If you are a cannabis retailer and have any additional questions, please contact the Alberta Cannabis Call Centre at 1-855-436-5677 or contact your AGLC Inspector.

General information on current restrictions can be found at

Relevant Public Health Orders (Orders 42-2021 and 43-2021) can be found at site.

Questions and answers

Last updated: September 20, 2021


How do the new restrictions announced on September 15 impact retail cannabis operations?
Effective September 16, masking and physical distancing are mandatory in all indoor public spaces and workplaces provincewide. Employees must mask in all indoor work settings, except while alone in work stations.

Retail cannabis stores are considered out-of-scope for the Restrictions Exemption Program (REP). All cannabis retailers are required to comply to the following public health measures:

  • Masking and physical distancing are mandatory in all indoor public spaces.
  • Capacity restricted to 1/3 fire code occupancy.
  • Attendees must be with household members only, or 2 close contacts if they live alone.

Are customers required to remove their masks for identification verification purposes?
Retail cannabis store employees can ask patrons who wear masks to remove their mask to determine age and verify identification.

Where can cannabis licensees find more information on specific health and safety guidelines related to COVID-19?
The Alberta government has an online resource to provide business owners with information on health and safety guidelines for workplaces, as well as operational guidelines.