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3.1 Product Registration

Cannabis Representative Handbook


  1. Retail cannabis licensees must purchase all cannabis products from AGLC.
  2. All cannabis products must be registered with AGLC before they are offered for sale by AGLC to licensees.
  3. If a cannabis supplier uses a third party as its registered representative, the supplier will be required to submit a letter of authorization designating the appointed third party as the representative of the supplier’s products (Form RS/CAN 8007).
  4. Each cannabis supplier must not be represented by more than one (1) cannabis representative (entity).
  5. If a supplier and the cannabis representative the supplier has designated to represent its products in Alberta become involved in a dispute regarding representation of cannabis products AGLC will not become involved in resolving the dispute. AGLC will rely upon direction agreed to by the parties involved or by court order.
  6. As per the Cannabis Act (Canada), the Cannabis Regulations (Canada), the purchasing contract between AGLC and the cannabis supplier and Section 4 of the Cannabis Licensed Producer Operational Manual, all product labelling and packaging requirements must be met.


  1. For additional information on product registration and labelling, please refer to Sections 3 (Product Registration) and 4 (Packing, Labelling and Shipping) of the Cannabis Licensed Producer Operational Manual (link to be provided upon availability).       
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