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4.3 Prohibited Inducements and Benefits

Cannabis Representative Handbook


  1. A cannabis supplier or representative is prohibited from directing any services, items or activities to a licensee that could directly benefit the licensee or their staff, and a licensee may not request or accept any such inducements.
  2. Licensees are prohibited from asking for or receiving items of value from a cannabis supplier or representative as an inducement to stock a product in return for improved display case positioning or for any other consideration.
  3. A cannabis supplier or representative is prohibited from participating in any way in a licensee’s customer loyalty program, and a licensee may not request that a cannabis supplier or representative participate in such a program.
  4. A cannabis supplier or representative is prohibited from providing a licensee with travel costs and a reduced rate for accommodation at any place they own, represent or have an interest in.
  5. A cannabis supplier or representative may not offer, provide or pay for the following on behalf of a licensee:
    1. cash, rebates, coupons or credits of any monetary value;
    2. a deposit into any account held by the licensee, directly or indirectly;
    3. free cannabis products or accessories; or
    4. compensation for expenses related to but not limited to:
      1. construction, interior decorating (e.g. painting, window coverings, flooring, décor etc.), renovations or maintenance to a licensed premises, or any other property owned, rented or leased by a licensee or anyone directly or indirectly involved with the licensee;
      2. furniture, equipment, display cases, sensory display containers or fixtures;
      3. physical security equipment, construction, installation or services.
      4. product price displays, electronic devices (e.g. television screens, computer monitors, tablets, etc.);
      5. point of sale systems; or
      6. other items considered essential to operating a licensed premises.
  6. A cannabis supplier or representative may not offer, provide or pay for the following on behalf of the licensee:
    1. a licensee’s registration fees, conference fees, tuition or similar costs, except for a seminar or training event which is:
      1. organized by the cannabis supplier or representative, and;
      2. held within Alberta; and
      3. open to all licensees or specified class(es) of licensees.
    2. any portion of a licensee’s travel expenses (costs associated with air or ground transportation and accommodations while away from home), either directly or indirectly, whether for business, vacation or a combination of both; except for local transportation costs (e.g. taxi) to and from a production facility.
  7. A cannabis supplier or representative is not permitted to provide signs that display a licensee’s business name or signs necessary for the operation of the business (e.g. entry/exit signs, bathroom signs etc.).
  8. A licensee may not accept any offer from a cannabis supplier, representative or country’s representative (political or non-political) to pay travel expenses specified in Subsection 5.2.4 or any other costs for the licensee or their staff to attend a seminar, convention, meeting or exhibition outside Alberta.
  9. The above policies do not apply where the cannabis supplier has a financial interest in the cannabis licensee as its subsidiary and the loan of money or other things is given or offered in the normal course of financing the subsidiary. Each corporation must be operated as a separate business in accordance with Schedule 2, Part 2 of the GLCR.
  10. Cannabis suppliers, representatives and licensees are required to comply with the requirements of Division 4 of the GLCR.


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