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2.5 SellSafe Cannabis Staff Training Program (SellSafe)

Cannabis Representative Handbook


  1. Managers, supervisors and all employees of a cannabis representative involved in the marketing, promotion and sales of a cannabis supplier’s products must meet SellSafe Cannabis Staff Training certification requirements.
  2. Persons must be SellSafe certified prior to applying for Qualified Cannabis Worker approval (see Section 2.4).
  3. A minimum score of 80% on an AGLC administered examination is required for SellSafe certification.
  4. SellSafe certification is valid for a period of five (5) years from the date of successfully completing the program.
  5. Valid SellSafe certification must be maintained by successfully repeating the SellSafe program (including passing the exam) before the certification expiration date.
  6. Cannabis representatives must provide proof of SellSafe certification at the request of an AGLC Inspector. Failure to present proof of SellSafe certification may result in disciplinary action. Proof of SellSafe certification includes:
    1. paper printed versions that have a QR code;
    2. the personal information page printed from the staff member’s SMART account; or
    3. clear images of any of the above (i.e. image, photograph or screen shot) saved on the staff member’s mobile device/phone.
  7. It is the responsibility of the cannabis representative to ensure that all staff who are required to have SellSafe certification (as per Section 2.5.1) are certified in accordance with the requirements identified in Section 2.5.
  8. Cannabis representatives must keep a log of employees that are SellSafe certified, including the following information:
    1. employee name as it appears on the certification card;
    2. SMART Programs registration number; and
    3. expiry date.
  9. A cannabis representative’s SellSafe certification will be immediately suspended if charged federally or provincially with the offence of giving, selling, or supplying cannabis to a minor.
  10. Cannabis representatives whose SellSafe certification is suspended are not permitted to continue working as cannabis representatives.
    1. If found not guilty of the charges, the representative may reapply to AGLC for reinstatement of their SellSafe certification; or
    2. If found guilty of the charges, the representative’s SellSafe certification will be cancelled and they will not be permitted to recertify for a minimum of 5 years.



  1. SellSafe is a social responsibility training program designed to help industry staff understand:
    1. the social responsibility policies that are important for their jobs;
    2. how to prevent minors from purchasing cannabis; and
    3. risks for cannabis related harms.
  2. SellSafe certification options are found on the SMART Training website. For more information on SellSafe certification contact:

SMART Programs
Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis
50 Corriveau Avenue
St, Albert, Alberta
T8N 3T5

Toll Free: 1-877-436-6336
Fax: 780-651-7626

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