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1.5 Licensee's Responsibilities

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. Licensees and their staff must ensure the licensed premises operate in accordance with all federal, provincial and municipal legislation.
  2. All retail cannabis store licensees will be required to sign an Operating Procedures form declaring full understanding of the legal requirements of operating a Retail Cannabis Store.
  3. A licensee shall:
    1. ensure staff understand the legislation and policies, in accordance with SellSafe training as specified in Subsection 1.7; and
    2. place a high priority on maintaining a safe premises.
  4. A licensee and its staff with information about illegal activities related to cannabis is required to contact the nearest AGLC office (see Subsection 1.3). This includes:
    1. illegal cannabis;
    2. stolen cannabis; and
    3. cannabis not marked for sale in Alberta.


  1. Licensees should be aware that the sale of cannabis carries a risk of potential liability. Questions on liability should be directed to a lawyer.
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