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7.1 General Information

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. A licensee must give AGLC Inspectors full and unrestricted access to the licensed premises at any reasonable time (i.e. during regular business hours or at another time when people are present).
  2. A licensee and its staff must not interfere in any way with AGLC Inspectors performing their duties. The licensee is required to cooperate fully, including answering all reasonable questions regarding the management and operation of the licensed premises.
  3. A licensee must allow AGLC Inspectors and officials to examine and make copies of all records, and if necessary, to remove records from the licensed premises for further review.
  4. When an AGLC Inspector finds a licensee in contravention of the GLCA, the GLCR or Board policy, the Inspector may request the licensee to take appropriate steps to comply with the legislation or policy.
  5. Any alleged violation observed by an AGLC Inspector or a report of potential problems received from police, fire, health, other government official or the general public will be investigated and may result in an Incident Report or possible criminal charges by police or AGLC investigations.


  1. AGLC Inspectors visit licensed premises to:
    1. check for compliance with the GLCA, GLCR and Board policies;
    2. confirm no structural changes have been made to the premises affecting compliance with the licence;
    3. advise licensees who want to apply for a new class of licence, a licence endorsement or a licence extension;
    4. investigate complaints;
    5. conduct audits on licensee books and records;
    6. conduct training seminars; and
    7. respond to licensee concerns about the operation of the licensed premises.
  2. Inspections provide licensees with an opportunity to discuss with AGLC Inspectors:
    1. proposed structural changes;
    2. sale of the licensed premises;
    3. change in shareholders or management; and/or
    4. any questions they might have about the GLCA, the GLCR and Board policies.
  3. All AGLC Inspectors carry photo identification while on duty. A licensee may ask to see an Inspector's identification before providing any information.
  4. AGLC Inspectors are available to meet with licensees to assist them in the interpretation of legislation and Board policies; however, Inspectors may report any violations they observe to the Board.
  5. AGLC supports and encourages police “walk through” programs. Every police officer is considered an Inspector under the GLCA, and licensees and their staff are required to cooperate fully with police officers who enter the licensed premises.
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