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3.4 Store Name and Signs

Retail Cannabis Store Handbook


  1. Each retail cannabis store must have a distinct business name, approved by AGLC, reflecting the nature of the business, and is not registered by another business interest.
  2. Use of the term "Alberta" or "AGLC" is prohibited in a store name.
  3. The business name is to be prominently displayed in signage at all public access points of the retail cannabis store.
  4. Signage and contents must comply with all federal, provincial and municipal requirements.
  5. Signage must be in good taste and not depict a lifestyle, endorsement, person, character or animal.
  6. Signage may not promote intoxication. Terms and images such as, but not limited to, “chronic,” “stoned” or “high” are not permitted.
  7. Signage that claims beneficial health effects, or makes a statement regarding increased potency or concentration are not permitted.
  8. Use of any term, symbol or graphic normally associated with medicine, health or pharmaceuticals are prohibited in a store name or signage. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    1. use of the term Pharmacy, Dispensary, Apothecary, Rx or Drug Store, med, medi or clinic;
    2. use of the term Medicine, Medicinal, Health or Therapeutic; or
    3. use of graphics or symbols that would denote the above.
  9. Sign(s) or identification may not include graphics which:
    1. appeal to minors;
    2. show the use of cannabis;
    3. display intoxication;
    4. display or identify a cannabis product or accessory;
    5. display a price or indicate a price advantage; or
    6. display any sporting or cultural event or activity.


  1. A common business name may be used when a number of retail cannabis stores are operated by the same owner.
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