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COVID-19 information for Albertans

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COVID-19 Liquor Q & A

While not exhaustive, AGLC has prepared the Questions & Answers below to answer many of the questions that you or your organization may have related to COVID-19.

If you are a liquor licensee and have any additional questions, please contact:

Please refer to Alberta Health guidance found at

Questions and answers

How do the new restrictions impact liquor licensed establishments?

On May 26, 2021, the Alberta government announced a three-stage roadmap, Alberta's Open for Summer Plan, that outlined how restrictions eased while protecting the health-care system and increasing vaccination rates in the province.

Starting July 1, 2021, Alberta will enter Stage 3 in Alberta’s Open for Summer Plan:

  • All restrictions lifted*, including ban on indoor social gatherings.
  • Isolation requirements for confirmed cases of COVID-19 and some protective measures in continuing care settings remain.
  • The general indoor provincial mask mandate will be lifted, but masking may still be required in limited and specific settings.

*Please follow restrictions that your municipality may have in place.

Restaurants, lounges, nightclubs and cafés may lift restrictions on masking, capacity, distancing, barriers and entertainment (e.g., pool tables, live music, etc.) at their discretion.

Effective 12:01 a.m. on July 1, 2021, licensed premises may revert to normal liquor service hours.

Licensees must comply with AGLC liquor policies.

More information on sector guidelines can be found at

Are there specific hours of operation licensed venues should follow?
Starting July 1, 2021, licensed venues have the flexibility to decide if they will re-establish their full operating hours or reduce their hours. Check the venue’s website for their hours of operation.

Can licensed venues provide liquor and food pickup and delivery service after 11 p.m.?
Yes; licensed establishments may continue to provide food and liquor pickup and delivery service after 11 p.m. – up to the end time on their licence. 

Will the provision for Class A licensees to provide liquor for off-sales be rescinded when the public health order is lifted? 
No; the provision will remain in place. Class A licensees may continue to provide liquor for off-sales. 

Where can liquor licensed establishments find more information on specific health and safety guidelines to follow for current public health measures?
The Alberta government has an online resource to provide business owners with information on health and safety guidelines for workplaces, as well as operational guidelines. 

Are customers required to remove their masks in retail liquor stores for identification verification purposes?
Retail liquor store employees may ask patrons who wear masks to remove their mask to determine age and verify identification.

Are retail liquor stores permitted to conduct liquor deliveries or do they require an additional licence?
Retail liquor stores have always been permitted to conduct liquor deliveries and do not require an additional licence. Policies relating to liquor deliveries are outlined in Section 4.11 of the Retail Liquor Store Handbook.

Can liquor licensed establishments sell growlers?
Yes; sealed growlers have been sold from liquor stores in Alberta for several years, and Class A licensees can do the same. For draught beer, the cap design of the container (e.g., growlers or crowlers) should demonstrate the container has not been opened during transportation. For more information, please visit

Can licensees return liquor product?
Licensees with questions about liquor product returns are advised to contact the approved warehouse from which product was ordered for more detailed information. Registered agencies representing liquor products are required to approve all returns and indicate instructions on disposition (e.g., return to stock). 

How are retail liquor operations impacted in Stage 3?
Starting July 1, 2021 Alberta will enter Stage 3 in Alberta’s Open for Summer Plan. Each individual store (or store chains) may lift restrictions on masking, capacity and distancing at their discretion.

Please follow restrictions that your municipality may have in place.

More information on sector guidelines can be found at

Are licensed private special events permitted in Stage 3?
Yes. Starting July 1, 2021, all restrictions are lifted, including the ban on indoor social gatherings.

More information is available at