Raffle Policy Amendments

January 2019.RAF.1

This bulletin is to advise charitable groups, registrants and stakeholders of IMPORTANT changes to raffle policy.


The following raffle policies will be amended effective January 30, 2019:

  • Raffle Terms & Conditions (Total Ticket Value $20,000 and less)
  • Raffle Terms & Conditions (Total Ticket Value more than $20,000)

The amended policies reflect changes necessary to align the policies for paper raffles with the framework for electronic raffles contained in the Electronic Raffle Handbook, including:

  • The addition of a definitions for
    • Bearer ticket raffle;
    • Online ticket ordering; and
    • Traditional ticket raffle.
  • Policy respecting the use of online ticket ordering for a paper raffle was added. Policy was also amended to include required standards, as applicable, in the use of online ticket ordering:
    • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance for payment processing platforms; and
    • Website and web server security.
  • Policy regarding Electronic Ticket Systems (Section G) is removed as it is governed under the Electronic Raffle Handbook (ERH) along with all electronic raffles (a reference directing readers to the ERH will remain).

On January 30, 2019 the amended Raffle Terms & Conditions (Total Ticket Value $20,000 and less) and the Raffle Terms & Conditions (Total Ticket Value more than $20,000) can be found on AGLC’s website at aglc.ca.

Please familiarize yourself with the amended policies, update your copies as required and ensure all those affected by the policy changes are notified of the new requirements.

If you have any questions regarding the content of this bulletin, please contact Raffle Licensing at 780-447-8600, toll-free at 1-800-272-8876 or by email at gaming.licensing@aglc.ca.

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