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2.2 Application for Cannabis Representative Registration

Cannabis Representative Handbook


  1. In order to consider an application for cannabis representative registration, the following documents must be completed and submitted to AGLC:
    1. “Application for Cannabis Representative Registration” form;
    2. Non-refundable registration fee of $200.00;
    3. “Particulars of Incorporation of Company” form for the cannabis representative and for each shareholding company;
    4. “Particulars of Individual” form for all directors, shareholders, officers and any proposed manager(s);
    5. “Letter of Authorization” printed on cannabis supplier’s letterhead, confirming appointment by the cannabis supplier;
    6. “Acknowledgement and Undertaking” form;
    7. Corporate and personal disclosure forms for background checks. (Amended Aug 2021)
    8. (Deleted Aug 2021)
    9. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation for the applicant company.
  2. The Board may refuse to register an applicant if the applicant, any of the applicant’s employees or any of the applicant’s associates fail to pass a records check.
  3. A person will fail to pass a records check if the person has:
    1. at any time been charged with or convicted of:
      1. an offence under the Criminal Code (Canada), the Excise Act (Canada), the Food and Drugs Act (Canada) or the Income Tax Act (Canada), or
      2. an offence under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Canada), other than under Section 4(1) of that Act for possession of any substance included in Schedule II to that Act, or
      3. an offence under a foreign Act or regulation that, in the Board’s opinion, is substantially similar to an offence described in Subsection 2.2.3a) i) or ii); and
      4. in the opinion of the Board, the offence is sufficiently serious that it may detract from the integrity of lawful cannabis, gaming, lottery and/or licensed liquor activities in Alberta, or a registration relating to cannabis or liquor.
    2. within the five (5) years prior to the application date, been in prison serving a term of three (3) years or more.
  4. AGLC may refuse to register an applicant if satisfied that the applicant, any of the applicant’s employees or associates, or any person or entity connected to or associated with the applicant:
    1. has not acted, or may not act, in accordance with the law, with honesty and integrity or in the public interest, based on their past conduct;
    2. would be a detriment to the integrity or lawful conduct of cannabis, gaming, liquor activities or provincial lotteries; or
    3. has a background, reputation and/or associations that may cause adverse publicity for the cannabis, gaming or liquor industry in Alberta.
  5. AGLC may refuse to register an applicant if the applicant, any of the applicant’s employees or associates or any other person with connections to the applicant has contravened:
    1. the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act (GLCA) or the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Regulation (GLCR);
    2. a predecessor of the GLCA or the GLCR; or
    3. A condition imposed on a licence registration issued or made under the GLCA.


  1. On receipt of the required documents the application will be reviewed and the applicant will be notified in writing as to whether its application to become registered as a cannabis representative is approved.
  2. Managers, supervisors and all employees of a cannabis representative that represent a cannabis product to licensees must be Qualified Cannabis Workers (see section 2.4).
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