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Casino and VLT Cashout Ticket Process - COVID-19

In response to the restricted access to casino and VLT locations due to COVID-19, AGLC will be accepting all eligible tickets from players who are unable to obtain payout from a casino or VLT location.

Players can redeem their VLT and casino tickets by filling out the Expired Ticket Redemption Request Form.

This form will be used to assist all players that wish to redeem their cashout tickets and does not just refer to expired tickets. AGLC will payout tickets on behalf of casinos and VLT locations.

Please note that to confirm and validate payouts, there may be a delay in the receipt of your cheque. Thank you for your patience.


Video lottery terminals (VLTs)

Video lottery terminals (VLTs) are electronic gaming devices that are conducted and managed by Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis under the province’s Gaming, Liquor  and Cannabis Act. AGLC’s goal is to ensure that all games are fair, that gaming activities are conducted honestly, openly and with integrity and that the benefits are returned to Albertans.

A total of 6,000 VLTs are managed by AGLC and are located in age-restricted, liquor-licensed venues under a video retailer agreement. VLT retailers can have a maximum of 14 VLTs, while gaming entertainment centers (GECs) may have between 15 and 49.

For more information, see section 10 and 11 of the Liquor Licensee Handbook.


Call AGLC 1-800-742-7818



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