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The AGLC has a manufacturer liaison who can help you through the process:

Becky Barker

Manager, Liquor Planning & Reporting

Liquor Services


Policy handbooks

You can find liquor policy information in the  Liquor Licensee Handbook (starting in section 3.11) and in the Liquor Agency Handbook.

Class E (Manufacturing) review

Liquor manufacturing in Alberta has come a long way. The AGLC continues to work with manufacturers to support the growth and diversity of the industry.

In 2013, we completed a review of Class E Liquor policies. The review included consultation with industry and resulted in 39 recommendations.

You can view the 2013 Report: Recommendations: Class E Liquor Licensing (Manufacturing) Review for more information.

Liquor service providers

You can locate other liquor service providers in Alberta using the Liquor Service Providers Search.


To manufacture liquor in Alberta you'll need a Class E Liquor Licence.

Class E licence types include:

  1. Class E (Manufacturing) Licences;
  2. Class E (Brew Pub) Licences; and
  3. Class E (Cottage Winery) Licences.

You may also want a separate licence type depending on the activities or services you want to offer. Some manufacturers also apply for a:

  1. Class A Licence
  2. Class B Licence
  3. Class D Licence

Detailed information about all liquor licences is available in the Licences page.

Container recycling and deposits

You can find container recycling fee and deposit rate information at 

More information is available on the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC) website and the Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB) website.

Liquor markup

The AGLC adds a markup to the liquor it sells to liquor licensees. The AGLC collects the markup on behalf of the government. The markup goes to the General Revenue Fund to support programs and initiatives that benefit all Albertans.

Current AGLC markup rates are in the Liquor Markup Schedule.

Industry associations

There are three Alberta industry associations for small liquor manufacturers. They are:

  1. The Alberta Small Brewers Association;
  2. The Alberta Craft Distillers Association; and
  3. The Alberta Estate Winery and Meadery Association.

Other associations

Other associations you might find helpful include:

  1. Alberta Fruit Growers (Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association);
  2. Alberta Beekeepers Association;
  3. The Alberta Liquor Store Association; and
  4. The Alberta Bottle Depot Association.

Alberta Small Brewer Development program

The AGLC does not administer the Alberta Small Brewer Development program. Information regarding the program can be found on the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry website.