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Expense Reports

AGLC discloses all business travel, conference, working session, hospitality and professional membership expenses quarterly for all

  • AGLC Board Members
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Executive team

Expense reports are posted within 15 working days of the end of each quarter and remain online for one year. Supporting receipts including taxes are included where applicable. Receipts are not required when an allowance is used (such as per diems and meal allowances), or for mileage and metered parking.


Individual expense reports

AGLC Board Members

Len Rhodes

Board Chair

Angela Tu Weissenberger

Board Member

Elan Harper

Board Member

Jack Fujino

Board Member

Patti Grier

Board Member

Tongjie Zhang

Board Member

Vincent Vavrek

Board Member

W. Kent Breedlove

Board Member

Maureen Moneta

Board Member


Chief Executive Officer

Kandice Machado

Chief Executive Officer, effective September 29, 2021

Acting President & CEO, term ended September 28, 2021


Executive Team

Angelle Sasseville

VP, Policy & Public Affairs

Dave Berry

Executive VP, Office of Public Engagement and Chief Regulatory Officer, effective April 11, 2022

VP, Regulatory Services, term ended April 10, 2022 

Jay Redmond

VP, Information Technology & CIO, effective January 31, 2022

Acting VP, Information Technology & CIO, term ended January 30, 2022

Jody Korchinski

VP, Liquor Services, term ended April 12, 2022

Monika Kossowska

Acting VP, Corporate Services & CFO, term ended February 13, 2022

Parveen Mann 

VP, Corporate Services & CFO, effective February 14, 2022

Steve Lautischer

VP, Gaming, effective April 12, 2022

Acting VP, Gaming & Cannabis, term ended April 11, 2022

Wendy Romanko

VP, Human Resources, term ended November 5, 2021

Ash Tuli

VP, Human Resources, effective April 12, 2022

Acting VP, Human Resources, term ended April 11, 2022

Kathy Hibbs

Senior Director, Liquor Services, effective April 12, 2022


Division Expense Reports

Board office

Office of the Chief Executive Officer


Corporate Services


Human Resources

Information Technology

Liquor Services

Policy & Public Affairs

Project Management Office

Reported under Information Technology effective April 15, 2021

Regulatory Services

Office of Executive VP, Public Engagement and Chief Regulatory Officer*


* Changes to AGLC's organizational structure were implemented effective April 12, 2022.