Expense Reports

AGLC discloses travel-related expenses in support of AGLC activities with stakeholders; overseeing organizational activities; participation in conferences; and professional development. AGLC also discloses meal expenses related to hospitality and working session for:

  • AGLC board members
  • chief executive officer
  • executive vice presidents
  • vice presidents

Expense reports are posted within 15 working days of the end of each quarter and remain available online for one year.

The expense disclosure presentation and policy were updated starting with the October to December 2022 reporting period. The previous disclosures are presented as originally disclosed under the policy in effect at that time.



Len Rhodes
Board Chair

Angela Tu Weissenberger
Board Member

Elan Harper
Board Member

Jack Fujino
Board Member

Patti Grier
Board Member

Tongjie Zhang
Board Member

Vincent Vavrek
Board Member

W. Kent Breedlove
Board Member

Maureen Moneta
Board Member

Board office


Chief Executive Officer

Kandice Machado
Chief Executive Officer


Executive Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents

Dave Berry
Executive VP, Public Engagement and Chief Regulatory Officer, effective April 11, 2022
Acting VP, Corporate Services & CFO, effective November 14, 2022

Steve Lautischer
Executive VP, Business Development

Angelle Sasseville
VP, Policy & Public Affairs

Jay Redmond
VP, Information Technology & CIO

Parveen Mann
VP, Corporate Services & CFO, effective February 14, 2022

Monika Kossowska
Acting VP, Corporate Services & CFO, term ended February 13, 2022

Ash Tuli
VP, Human Resources, effective April 12, 2022
Acting VP, Human Resources, term ended April 11, 2022

Gary Peck
VP, Regulatory Services, effective July 25, 2022
Acting VP, Regulatory Services, term ended July 24, 2022

Dan Keene
VP, Gaming, effective July 25, 2022